Throwback: How Bigg Boss’ campaigns made the show an IP to resonate with

Bigg Boss campaigns

With Bigg Boss Season 14 slated to premiere by October 3, we present a brief overview of its marketing strategy & campaigns launched since its first season was aired.

Touted to be one of the most controversial reality shows on Television, Bigg Boss is a Hindi-language series based on the format of Big Brother, first produced by Endemol in the Netherlands. Spanning 13 years, the show is now aired on Colors TV in India with streaming partners as VOOT & Disney+Hotstar, extending across seven languages.

Every year makers of the show try to give a twist to the tale, attempting to create buzz through high octane emotions & drama. For the uninitiated, Bigg Boss (Hindi) Season 1 aired on Sony Entertainment Television in November 2006 with Arshad Warsi as the host with the tagline – ‘Kahin Uski Nazar Aap Pe To Nahi’?. Later, the series also brought Shilpa Shetty & Bigg B as its hosts but what truly worked its magic & reportedly changed the face of the game show was roping in Salman Khan.

As Khan took the reins of the game show in Season 4, the series banked on his star power capped with controversies to garner TRP. The ingredients that seemed to click with the viewers included the prominent theme-based marketing strategy for the show catapulted with the ‘Bad Boy’ image of Brand Salman Khan & his candid presentation.

As we go down-the-memory-lane, the prominent marketing tactics that emerge for the series involve memes, hashtag marketing, contests & polls around the show gossip, social media play including AR filters, Live features, and more. From ‘Double Trouble’ to ‘India Isko Apna hi Ghar Samjho’ to now ‘Ab Paltega scene’, makers of Bigg Boss have attempted to bring the show in varied avatars & promoted it across media channels over the years. All Bigg Boss campaigns highlighted the show’s theme for the year. 

With the Season 14, Bigg Boss has launched yet another campaign conceptualized by Leo Burnett, based on the theme of ‘Ab Paltega Scene Kyunki 2020 ko Milega Jawab’. As per a press release, the campaign highlights how this year robbed us of our freedom, but the new season of Bigg Boss promises to serve an antidote to the viewers’ mundane life.

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As Bigg Boss embraces the new normal, Media Samosa traverses through Bigg Boss campaigns that popularized the show over the years.

Bigg Boss (Season 14) – 2020 ko Jawab


Bigg Boss (Season 13) – Tedha


Bigg Boss (Season 12) – Jodis


Bigg Boss (Season 11) – Padosi and Gharwale


Bigg Boss (Season 10) – India Isse apna hi Ghar Samjho


Bigg Boss ( Season 9) – Double Trouble


Bigg Boss ( Season 8) – Pilot


Bigg Boss ( Season 7) – ‘Jannat ka wow aur jahannum ka aao’


Bigg Boss (Season 6) – Alag Chhe


Bigg Boss (Season 5) – Five five five five five


Bigg Boss (Season 4) – Advent of Salman Khan


Bigg Boss – (Season 3) with Big B


Bigg Boss – ( Season 2) with Shilpa Shetty


Bigg Boss – (Season 1) with Arshad Warsi- ‘Kahin Uski Nazar Aap Pe To Nahi’?









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