Some of the best Pujo TVCs that captured the market with emotions & stories

Durga Puja TVCs over the years

As we eagerly await Durga Puja, Media Samosa takes you on a celebratory sojourn of Pujo TVCs over the years.

The sound of ‘Dhaak’, the scent of the mystic, ‘Dhuno’, ‘Kaash Phool’, ‘Sindoor Khaela’ and so much more, marks the onset of Durga Puja, which is not just a festival but an emotion. Each year, Durga Puja TVCs TVCs leverage the festival to reach out to varied audiences with hope and optimism. With evolving times, they not only attempt to capture the festive elements but also highlight the strength of Goddess Durga permeating through women of the country.

As we trace the Durga Puja TVCs through the years, some noteworthy themes emerge. While brands like Annapurna Ghee and Biba promote their products for the festive season, Asian Paints TVCs celebrate the people behind the scenes. Many other brands attempt to capture the emotions of togetherness and strength of women as an extension of Goddess Durga, the destroyer of evil and giver of strength and light.

Brands like PC Chandra Jewellers weave an emotional narrative to highlight strong women who have challenged stereotypes. For instance, documentary campaign in 2017, ‘Kanya Rupeno’ or ‘Daughters of Clay’, conceptualized by JWT Kolkata, focused on the male bastion at Kumartuli, where the very concept of women as clay sculptors was very often looked down upon and their efforts not recognized.

UK Chandra, Managing Director, PC Chandra Jewellers, explained, “By spelling out the stories of these three strong-willed women, the ‘Kanya Rupeno’ documentary celebrates the inspirational journey of China Pal, Mala Pal, and Kakoli Pal. It reminds us to empower our daughters as well so that they can follow their dreams, stand up for themselves, and make everyone proud with their stories of success.”

Over the years, brands such as Myntra and Biba also promoted the trend of people donning their best attires and accessories to celebrate the auspicious occasion whereas brands like ColorPlus present a visual montage of color palettes, highlighting their latest collection intertwining the elements of the autumn festival such as ‘Kola Bou’ and ‘Sindoor’.

Speaking about the ColorPlus campaign, Vivek Bhambhani, Group Creative Director, GREY Group India, shared, “The film captures the iconic symbols of Durga Puja, taking the viewer through a visual montage of the traditions surrounding Pujo. ColorPlus, staying true to its name, leverage the varied colors of their products by connecting them to the color of each icon. The narrative captures the essence of Pujo with a poetic voice-over that evokes the emotions of every ritual and tradition.”

Further, TVC campaigns leveraged by brands like Reliance Trends & Nerolac include banking on celebrities to highlight the importance of fashion trends, home décor, and more. Many other brand communication themes emerge.

Sit back and glance through more of such campaigns as Media Samosa makes an effort to trace the festive vibes of Pujo.

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Aishani by Tanishq


Annapurna Ghee- Organic Food TVC


Asian Paints- Tribute to the spirit of Puja


Biba – Kamakhya


Britannia Marie Gold TVC


Color Plus – Durga Puja Film


Myntra TVC


Nerolac- Shera Para Shera Pujo


Orient Electrics- Happy Durga Puja & Navratri


PC Chandra-Daughters of Clay


Sunrise Pure- Pujo Aashche, Aapni ready toh?


Reliance Trends- Puja Special


Thums Up – Toofani Iraadey


Max Fashion- Pujor Shuru


Pantaloon’s Pujo Rockstars


Shalimar TVC


West Bengal Tourism


If we have missed out on any of your favorite Durga Puja TVCs, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.



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