Ford Endeavor Sport’s latest campaign encourages to drive into the unexplored path


Conceptualized by BBDO India, the campaign by Ford nudges everyone to explore that other side, spend a little time with it, indulge in it.

Taking the philosophy to ‘go further’, Ford has recently launched their 2020 film for the Ford Endeavour Sport. When was the last time you truly indulged in something you love? Well, that was the starting point of the thinking behind the new communications campaign by BBDO India.

The thought for #MeetTheOtherSideOfYou came from the fact that there are multiple sides, personalities to any person, there are sides that are known to the world, whether it’s being the perfect professional or partner or parent, but then there’s a side, of you that fuels all of this, aside only known to you.

Some of us yearn to give in to our ‘outdoor’ and ‘adventurous’ side, to drive into the unexplored and explore nature, tame the treacherous landscapes, the rugged roads, and spend some time in solace. To depict this emotion, Ford has launched a digital film created and produced by BBDO India, nudging people to venture out and fuel themselves with what helps them to carry on.

Talking about this campaign, Kaushik Prasad, General Manager – Consumer Marketing at Ford India, said, “The Ford Endeavour Sport inspires its owners to strike a balance between their routine lives and the more adventurous side of their personality, which they rarely explore. #MeetTheOtherSideOfYou encourages customers to embark on the extraordinary journey they always wish for with proven off-roading capabilities of the Ford Endeavour firmly by their side.”


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“At times, the lesser said, the better it is. We wanted the person sitting at home for 7 months now to get that sense of breaking free and embracing the road, though responsibly so. Nothing makes you feel hungry like good food shots and nothing makes you yearn for the road more than amazing landscapes. In this film, Baralacha is doing most of the talking that too through a capable vehicle like the new Endeavour Sport”, said Akashneel Dasgupta, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO India -Gurgaon- the creative mind behind it.

Throwing further light on the campaign, Nikhil Mahajan, Chief Growth Officer, BBDO India, said For us, the vision for the campaign was clear; this other side has to be real! The real here is super exciting as some of us have actually experienced in the past. The challenge was that this exciting part could not be brought to life in the most real way given the pandemic. Most of the parts of the country were either shut for shoots or nature was playing a spoilt sport with landslides due to the rains. But our vision was undeterred and we decided that we wouldn’t compromise. The right team and a clear vision took us 16000 Feet above sea level to the stunning terrain of Baralacha. There began our tireless journey of fighting all odds to finally realize what we set out to achieve. Can’t wait to meet my other side!”




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