Himalaya urges all to have ‘Tulsi Snaan’ in latest campaign


Conceived by 82.5 Communications, Bangalore, Himalaya Pure Hands Tulsi Soap’s new campaign underlines the importance of staying safe and protected against infections.

The Himalaya Drug Company has launched a new bathing soap under their Pure Hands portfolio of products. Pure Hands is a well-established name in the market with offerings such as hand sanitizers, hand washes and wipes.

The film shows a young couple and their child shopping at a grocery store. They come across people who aren’t overtly mindful of social distancing norms. The family starts getting concerned about contracting infections. Even more so, given the present scenario.

The film then focuses on how Himalaya Pure Hands Tulsi Soap can help mitigate the problem, with the power of Tulsi. Ordinary “snaan” may not provide adequate protection against germs, but “Tulsi Snaan” can. Because Tulsi is well known for its natural antibacterial properties, and that’s what makes the soap kill 99.9% germs. In the end, the film beautifully encapsulates the thought in a single line, “Ab sirf snaan nahi, Tulsi Snaan.”

The relatable storyline of the film with a touch of humour, and the clever introduction of “Tulsi Snaan” make this campaign highly memorable.


Speaking about the campaign, Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman and CCO, 82.5 Communications, said, “We built on the equity we co-created with Himalaya on the Pure Hands hand hygiene portfolio to help announce a bath soap—taking the reassurance of the brand’s tulsi-powered protection to the entire body.”

Naveen Raman, Sr Vice President & Branch Head-South, 82.5 Communications, added, “Pre Covid-19, India had already started conversations on transforming from cosmetics and chemicals to natural and herbal. The pandemic has only reconfirmed the power and value of natural living. Who better than Himalaya to lead this conversation; they are pioneers in this space.  Keeping the present situation in mind it becomes imperative for a brand of Himalaya’s stature to build on the natural portfolio. From making a choice to making it the first choice, consumers are increasingly on a journey to discover effective yet natural alternatives to the products they use. That led to the ideation of ‘Tulsi snaan’.”

Sangeetha Sampath and Ravikumar Cherussola, Group Creative Directors, 82.5 Communication Bangaloreelaborated on the creative thought saying, “Right from start our focus was to drive believability through relatability. And the truth is, in a country like India where people live cheek by jowl, flawless social distancing is a utopian dream. Under such circumstances just being responsible of your own actions is not enough. You must be cautious about the occasional unmindful behaviour of others as well. This real-life insight sparked the thought for this campaign. At the same time, we wanted to elevate the ingredient (Tulsi) story because that’s what makes this product stand out. We have managed to achieve both in this campaign, with the reality of social distancing and the introduction of ‘Tulsi Snaan’.”

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Sushil Goswami, General Manager, Consumer Products Division, The Himalaya Drug Company said, “Himalaya is a trusted wellness brand and we have always been focused on providing solutions to improve the well-being of our consumers. It has been our constant endeavour to understand the evolving needs of consumers to bring them the best products. Addressing the customers need to keep themselves safe and protected from infections, we have launched Himalaya Pure Hands Tulsi Soap to introduce people to the concept of ‘Tulsi Snaan’. Through this TVC, we wanted to highlight the importance of Tulsi in maintaining personal hygiene.”

Ashwin S, Brand Manager, Consumer Products Division, The Himalaya Drug Company added, “Self-hygiene and protection is need of the hour today. Our aim through the TVC was to communicate the importance of staying protected and the benefits of Tulsi in keeping skin healthy and protected from infections with the message of ‘Ab sirf snaan nahi, tulsi snaan. With the rising need for hygiene practices, we wanted to extend our portfolio with a soap that will help our consumers stay protected during these tough times. Enriched with the goodness of Tulsi, the soap is specially crafted to offer 99.9% protection against germs. Unlike your regular bathing experience, Himalaya Pure Hands Tulsi soap enriched with antimicrobial properties has no harmful chemicals, parabens or sulphates, giving the assurance that you and your family will be safe and protected from infections.”



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