GEC garnered 58% Avg Ad Volumes/Day during festive season 2020: TAM

TAM report

TAM AdEx Television Advertising Report-23 highlights the television advertising trends during the festive season in GEC and Movies Genre.

During August-December 2020 (till December 5), News genre saw the highest growth of 29%, followed by Movies genre with a 24% rise compared to August-December 2019. The latest TAM report considers this time period as the festive season for television advertising, noting that the average Ad Volumes/Day for Movies Genre had a higher share, i.e. 58%, compared to the non-festive season for 2020, which stood at 42% for February-July 2020.

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Further, all the top five genres (News, GEC, Movies, Music and Kids) were recorded to have witnessed growth in Ad Volumes during August-December 2020 in comparison to the numbers recorded for August-December 2019.

Among the top 5 categories and advertisers, Toilet Soaps & HUL retained their top positions during August-December 2020 (till December 5) compared to August-December 2019. Godrej Consumer Products was new entrant among the Top 5 advertisers of GEC genre during August-December 2020. Also, the tally of consistent advertisers in top 5 genres grew by over 14% in August-December 2020, compared to August-December 2019.

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