Coca-Cola launches new TVC for European markets

Coca-Cola Tyler TVC

Created by Wieden+Kennedy London and directed by Los Perez of Caviar Films, the Coca-Cola TVC features an original score by Tyler, The Creator.

In 2021, Coca-Cola is all set to celebrate the Coke experience, whether it’s enjoying a Coca-Cola Original Taste, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, or any of its flavour variants, by giving new drinkers a way to describe the ‘beyond world’ experience of drinking these beverages. To encapsulate this undefinable feeling in the TVC, Coca-Cola has partnered with Tyler, The Creator.

Created exclusively for the campaign, his track highlights unique interpretations of the Coca-Cola experience. Talking about the experience, Tyler said, “It was really cool to have the opportunity to work on a Coke commercial, forever grateful. The end result came out amazing.”

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Via the Open That Coca-Cola campaign, the brand brings to life the first sip of Coca-Cola and the expressions people use to convey the refreshing taste of the beverage. The campaign explores universal, onomatopoeic reactions like Ahhh! Ooooh! and Yeah!

Walter Susini, SVP Marketing, Europe said, “The Coca‑Cola experience has always been beyond words — from the anticipation of that first sip to the full power of its taste and the continuous rediscovery each time you drink it. We’re so excited to launch this campaign to celebrate and express the iconicity of this experience, not through one single verbal description, but through music, movement and a universal language that can be recognised by each person that experiences Coca‑Cola.”

As an extension of the campaign and rolling out across European markets over the next few months, an evolved Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar will be launched, offering consumers a sleek, brand-new Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar packaging design, enhancing consumers Coke experience even further.



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