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Hunk Golden & Media

How do we define Hunk Golden & Media?

Hunk Golden & Media is a brand solutions/IR/PR company. We are strongly focused on creating relevant engagements, client initiatives, and influencer outreach that is data-driven and creative. 

Our team is diverse with expertise in media, communication, design and production. It is led by Sonia Kulkarni and Rajesh Jathar.

With over 20 years of experience in managing PR for large corporates across India, Kulkarni is well connected across national media platforms and has worked with Ketchum Sampark, Adfactors, and other international PR companies, in the past and Jathar has broadcast media experience while being instrumental in launching many successful channels across the country with TV Today, NDTV, Times Now, and many more media houses.

What’s in the name? 

Hunk Golden signifies multiple things. The ‘Hunk’ stands for strength that is both ambitious and sustainable. The ‘Golden’ stands for resplendent and appealing, which describes the quality we aspire to bring to our work. Thus, collectively, Hunk Golden looks to create for its clients an organizational journey that is ambitious, sustainable, resplendent, appealing, and hence, forward-looking.

What we do? 

Branded Content through Smart Storytelling, Public Relations, Investor Relations, Event Ideation and Management and Social Media Management

Why we do it? 

We have been in the industry for the last 25 years in different capacities, focused on PR, brand solutions, and branded content. We have worked in large corporate houses, but the reason why we quit our jobs and decided to start on our own was that we wanted to go beyond the normal – something which enriches our soul and fuels our passion.

While our foundation has been built by working with large organizations, there’s a lot more we felt we could have been doing. We could be creating paradigm shifts in the work environment, in client engagement. It’s not about scale and size, we are here to do something more significant and strategic, to create a niche. 

How we evolve?

We adapt and we keep ourselves relevant. By that, I mean that we have evolved fairly to quickly understand the gaps on the client-side and have been able to expand our offerings accordingly. As a result, our clients have increasingly become more receptive to us in terms of accepting the modern version of PR which can include social media, digital media, closer, more personalized communication with stakeholders and employees, etc. This has helped generate the desired results. We have planned our strategies and growth trajectory much in advance.

We have also recognized that content creation and consumption have transformed in this age, and co-creation of content is a must, and therefore we have added brand solutions as an extension to our regular PR offerings. These things distinguish us in the overall clutter of PR and brand solutions in India.

So far, we have been able to learn and grow from whatever challenges and opportunities have come our way, and we did the same during COVID-19 as well. 

Social responsibility in social media 

It is our priority to be socially responsible. As per our ethos and beliefs, everything we put out there has to be based on facts, and not falsification or even exaggeration of them. We are communicating on behalf of our client to the larger audience, hence we are conscious and have a strong conscience of what we are saying.

Need of the hour

There is a lot of trolling, fake news, negative content that’s going all over social media. There are phishing attacks, copyright abuses, cyber bullying, financial duping etc. It is true that support systems are weak and at times, even if you can resort to cybercrime cells for some of the issues, you still lose a lot of time, money, reputation in the case of well-known personalities, and also mental peace and stability.

We, as communication experts and advisors, must keep monitoring relevant content, identify these pitfalls, and steer clear of it as much as possible. We should take corrective action wherever required as we are the torchbearers for this industry. If some client is resorting to it, we should strictly and firmly advise them against it. We should also stay abreast of all the laws, both domestic and global, to see how they evolve in terms of content and communication and reconfigure our strategies and advice accordingly.

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We learned the hard way 

There are no shortcuts in PR, it is all about learning the hard way. From the business point of view, investing in systems, infrastructure and the right people at the right time is extremely critical. Since there are no entry barriers, there are new players emerging in the field everyday hence developing a long-term vision that specifies and sustains your niche is critical.

Everyone knows focus and consistency are important, but in PR, presence of mind is equally vital as it is all trial and error, and we need to constantly be aware of what lessons we are picking from each situation. You need to develop an intuitive understanding of your client’s needs and pain points if you wish to sustain the relationship over years. Contrary to popular belief, being a “yes” man doesn’t help or please the clients, it is important to be realistic and honest and disagree sometimes. 

They work with us 

Altico, University of Worcester, Bank of America, Godrej, Phoenix Community, The Gera School, Gera Developers, The Property Monks, Infomo, Flame University, Viking Beverages, Gold Plus Robotic Parks, Well Health Medical Associates, Talwalkars’ Fitness Club, David Lloyd Clubs, Altamount Capital Management, Greystone Managed Investments inc., Colliers International, Hey Deedee, Pinkathon, Wirecard, Viking Venture, Sugee.

Industry as we foresee 

PR was at a nascent stage for a long time, but with digitalisation, it has suddenly expanded. It is rapidly growing, and the pace of its growth is only going to increase manifold This progress is greater and faster than we ever imagined or was projected in India. But times and industries are changing in India, and at every level, there is transformation. Technologies have changed, platforms have come up, evolved, and shrunk, and new ways of communicating are unfolding, bringing people and brands closer. PR is now firmly wearing a technological hat and we are going to see it climb several notches in the few years to come. 

A day without Internet 

The Internet has become a necessity next to food, clothing, and shelter and there can hardly be a day without the Internet, but if we have to imagine, we imagine it to be more productive, more constructive, more meaningful. Switching off once in a while would make us more outward-looking, more aware of our surroundings, so yes, an “Internet detox” is necessary just to re-orient ourselves and reconnect with the world around us. We would highly recommend going totally offline one day per week to be a little closer to life, nature, and reality. 

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