Making ‘Dhoop’ trendy – How Zed Black Manthan Dhoop plans to leverage Hrithik Roshan

Zed Black Manthan Dhoop

Hrithik Roshan’s traditional beliefs make him a perfect fit for Zed Black Manthan Dhoop’s brand ambassadorship claims the company as they announced the onboarding of the superstar for their latest campaign. We find out the brand’s plans to leverage the superstar’s fandom.

Conceptualized by Oberoi IBC, the integrated campaign aims to get Millenials grooving to a melody of the #ManthanZarooriHai dance move, created by ace Bollywood Choreographer & Director Farah Khan. The TVC featuring brand ambassador Hrithik Roshan, according to Mysore Deep Perfumery House (MDPH),  is a reflection of the many senses Manthan dhoop batti arouses.

Media Samosa gets in touch with the company and the agency to know more about the making of the campaign, associating with a glamoured personality like Hrithik Roshan, its marketing gimmicks, and more.

Hrithik for a traditional product as a ‘dhoop’- The Insight

On the objective behind roping in Hrithik Roshan as the face of Zed Black Manthan Dhoop, Ankit Agrawal, Director & Partner, MDPH shares that people look upon India for being a country that has preserved its rich traditional cultural heritage and they even follow those traditional norms.

“The concept of Manthan Dhoop is to focus on Indian Traditions. About roping in Hrithik Roshan, well he is a man who believes in traditions. Manthan Dhoop, has been popular predominantly in North India. We wanted to have a A-lister celebrity on board to represent the brand and its core messaging of belief in oneself,” he adds.

The brand also believes that bringing Hrithik into the picture will make youngsters look up and notice the beautiful, glorious, colorful culture and tradition of India has. His youth appeal and charismatic presence among the masses brings in different insights to the brand and its message. 

Campaign Insight

The campaign aims to capture the functional essence associated with the product. Happiness, faith, and a sense of deeper connection with oneself, the divine power, and community.

According to Agrawal,  the campaign and the message focus more on “Manthan zaroori hai” which is deep introspection involving looking inward to examine one’s thoughts and gain emotional awareness. 

Farah Khan’s association entails an idea of creating a divine dance step for the commercial encapsulating the brand message of creating a deeper connection with oneself through dance.

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The Big Brief

Oberoi IBC’S relationship with MDPH has been going on for more than a decade now.

In the case of North India, ‘dhoop’ is more widely sold than agarbatti and the dhoop market consists of a large number of unorganized players. Realizing the opportunity, the Manthan Dhoop brand was introduced a few years back, with actor Suresh Oberoi as its brand ambassador.

“We do not think that there is any actor who believes in tradition more than Hrithik Roshan. He is also a youth icon; we firmly believe that through him we can connect with the young brigade who are moving away from the rich cultural traditions,” says Anand Oberoi, Managing Director, Oberoi IBC.

The Making & BTS

“Hrithik is a master dancer so a master choreographer was needed. This is why Farah Khan was chosen, who has choreographed Hrithik in his first film,” comments Oberoi.

Every step in the making of the campaign – planning, execution happened via the Zoom App – from the PPM, costume selection, meetings, set designing, etc.

Sharing some bits from shooting with the star, Oberoi informs, “Hrithik stepped out of his house for the first time after the lockdown especially for this shoot, so we were all extra cautious not only for him but for everyone involved. This was the first time where only less than 15 people were present during the shoot. So, the entire shoot was once in a lifetime experience.”

Social Media Buzz

Owing to the mass brand that Hrithik is himself and his immense social media following, the brand initially launched a teaser to build curiosity around the latest brand ambassador joining alongside MS Dhoni who endorses Zed Black Incense Stick.

Further the campaign was rolled out across its social media channels and Hrithik’s personal pages.  

On the occasion of Mahashivratri, Hrithik Roshan and Zed Balck came together to extend their greetings on social media.

In the latest development, as an extension to create consumer engagement, the brand in collaboration with Farah Khan and has launched a dance contest – Farah’s Challenge wherein the participants are asked to recreate the hook step and upload it on their timeline and Instagram reels, tagging the brand. Winners will be gratified with various prizes.

Onboarding a youth icon and the manifestation of glamour, the brand is attempting to modernize the percept of Dhoop pan India. Brands from the traditional Indian backdrop have often picked this route to not only attract the younger generation, but to create pride around traditions associated with the country. Manyavar as a brand has been instrumental in achieving this.

With Hrithik Roshan as their face, how Zed Black Manthan Dhoop takes forth its legacy, will be interesting to see.




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