Sebamed in its new TVC urges users to listen to science to deal with hair loss

The #SirfScienceKiSuno campaign by Sebamed urges consumers to question rhetoric and choose science to help manage their hair loss effectively.

Sebamed, a German personal care brand, launched its “#Sirf Science ki Suno campaign”, focused around its anti-hair loss shampoo. In consonance with its bar campaign, the brand once again imparts a piece of new knowledge to consumers about hair loss and encourages them to choose a solution that is backed by strong scientific research. In addition to Anti Hair loss shampoo, Sebamed is also offering solutions for dandruff and everyday maintenance needs through its Anti-dandruff and everyday shampoo range.

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Shashi Ranjan, Country Head, Sebamed India, said, “Sebamed India is addressing the needs of discerning consumers by decoding the difference between hair breakage and hair loss. We are confident that Sebamed Anti Hair loss shampoos are an innovation that will create a strong disruption in a cluttered shampoo category. Its unique NHE formulation with pH5.5 advantage not only works on hair breakage but also reduces hair fall by addressing the problem from the

Commenting on the campaign, Konark Gaur, Head of Marketing – Sebamed India said “Sebamed is committed to truthful advertising and delivering on the promises it makes to its customers. We listened to the consumers’ frustration in the Anti-Hair fall shampoo category and discovered a gap between promise and delivery. Through this campaign, Sebamed promises to fill this need gap through its science-based Anti-Hair Loss shampoo which not only
reduces hair breakage but also strengthens the roots.”

Navin Talreja, Co-founder – The Womb, said, “After Sebamed’s success in the bathing bar category, it was time to build on its personal care range with Shampoos that are efficacious and science-backed with their core differentiator of pH 5.5. Hairloss is a big consumer pain point, yet consumer knowledge around Breakage Vs Hair Loss is limited. Through this campaign, the intent was to educate consumer of the difference between the two and solve the real problem
of hair-loss with its unique NHE formula.”



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