I Heart RVing Magazine to launch this summer

I Heart RVing Magazine

An independent recreational vehicle publication, I Heart RVing Magazine will deliver a range of RV-specific content to meet the rapid market growth of American RVers.

Alpha/Echo Agency (AEA) has announced the immediate availability of ad inventory, and the upcoming summer launch of I Heart RVing Magazine.

The publication’s mission, “To help people learn, enjoy, and master the life-changing art of the RV lifestyle,” will position it as a resource for both the RV beginner and the RV long-timer. It will feature the full range of recreation vehicles, from towables to motorized, Class As to travel trailers, and will provide both entertainment and travel content, along with technical content like how-tos and product reviews.

“There’s a market opportunity here that is absolutely undeniable,” says AEA CEO Marc Acton. Based out of Nashville, the consumer-focused publication will capitalize on an explosion of interest as industry organizations predict up to 20% growth in RV sales for 2021.

“But it’s so much more than just people looking for a new hobby,” says Acton. “It’s millions of Americans finding a new way to engage with their families. Finding inspiration and passion outdoors. And reviving a sense of exploration. We believe these values helped make our country what it is today. And it’s those same values that fuel our team as we build the world’s greatest RV magazine.”

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The I Heart RVing brand is powered by a partnership between Acton’s AEA team and NEXT Ventures, a growing force in consumer marketing with deep roots in the RV industry. NEXT’s CEO David Petsolt says the RV industry has never been more ready for a fresh approach.

“RVing isn’t just something that people do. For many, it defines a part of who they are. We still have the old school folks who cherish their time in the wild or live for the open road. But today, tons of families are even living the RV lifestyle full time. And the industry’s getting younger and younger every day. But for all this wild growth, there haven’t been many new opportunities for the industry to connect with that new, growing audience. Now, they have a big one.”

Acton says they bring something new to the industry. “We think what’s really going to disrupt the status quo for our advertisers is true omnichannel marketing. Where other outlets might only offer print, we’re delivering campaigns via direct mail, digital, social, and more. And data shows that cohesive, cross-channel marketing messages that consistently connect with audiences are where unicorn-level ROI is found.”



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