Two Wheelers topped with 6% share of Ad Space in April 2021: TAM

TAM April report 2021- Print

TAM AdEx print advertising report (April 2021 vs. April 2020) indicates how ad space in Print soared by 4 times in April 2021, and more.

TAM AdEx’s ad strategy report for the period of April 2021 vs. April 2020 on Print highlights 120+ new categories, 12.4K+ new advertisers and 14.6K+ new brands seen in Print during April 2021 over the same month, last year. Compared to April 2020, the report showcased 300+ growing categories during April 2021.

Amongst the top 10 categories in Print, two-wheelers topped the chart with 6% of Ad Space in April 2021 followed by Retail Outlets-Electronics/Durables. All of the 10 categories garnered 38% share of Ad Space.

According to the TAM data, SBS Biotech was the top advertiser with 8% share of Ad Space during Apr’21 amongst the top 10 advertisers in Print. Further, the list indicated that the Titan Company saw the highest positive rank shift to enter the top 10 list during April 2021 over April 2020.

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Dr. Ortho Oil topped the brands’ list in the Print space followed by Amazon Smbhav Summit. The highest upshift in the ranking was showcased by Kalyan Jewellers as compared to April 2020, to occupy the 6th position in the list of April 2021.

The TAM AdEx report for Print also point that the tally of categories grew by 19% whereas that for advertisers and brands rose by 24% and 32%, respectively during April 2021 compared to April 2020.

You can access the entire report here:



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