91% Indians plan to shop as optimism rides high for festive season 2021: Report

festive season 2021 report

According to a survey by Trade Desk and YouGov, the Festive Season Pulse Report data highlights the shopping needs of the consumers just before the festivities in India.

A survey conducted by The Trade Desk and YouGov called The Festive Season Pulse 2021 found that 91 percent of Indian consumers are planning a purchase during the upcoming festive season and six in 10 are interested in learning about new brands during festive season sales. After an arduous year with the pandemic, consumers in India are gearing up to celebrate the festive season and making new purchases during the upcoming shopping sales for Diwali, Dussehra, and Christmas suggests the report.

Further, the survey outlines consumer sentiments and behaviors toward India’s festive season sales and the channels that marketers can leverage on the open internet to maximize the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.

Indians Gearing up for the Festive Shopping Season

The festive period is important to Indian shoppers, and the research provides a positive outlook for marketers. Nearly three in five Indians are excited about the upcoming festive season sales with nine in 10 planning to make a purchase during this time.

The survey also reveals that 82 percent of respondents shopped online at least once a month in the past six months, and nearly one in four made online purchases several times a week or more often.

Impact of Internet on Consumers’ Purchase Behavior

When asked about the channels with the biggest impact on their purchasing behaviors, respondents cited channels on the open internet (34 percent), which includes video streaming platforms (OTT), music streaming services, websites, and mobile apps while social media stands at 33 percent and traditional offline channels (direct mail, traditional TV commercials, outdoor advertising and word of mouth) at 32 percent. The findings demonstrate that just as many consumers turn to the open internet as they do to social media to inform their purchase decisions.

The surging open internet has provided new opportunities for marketers to add these channels to their digital marketing mix, enabling them to influence the consumer at every stage of their journey.

The findings also highlighted the growing importance of OTT and music streaming in aiding consumers’ discovery of new deals and promotions. More and more frequent online shoppers are learning about new deals and promotions from either ads on OTT (nearly one in two) or from ads on music streaming services (more than one in four).

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Festive Season Sales present a Challenge & an Opportunity for Marketers

According to the research, Indians tend to be ‘brand switchers,’ as more than half of Indians (53 percent) are neutral or indifferent to the brands that they purchase. In addition, six in 10 Indians are interested to learn about new brands during the festive season with women more likely to be interested than men (68 percent versus 58 percent). This also indicates that women are more open to ads during the festive season sales and gives reasons for marketers to target women well in advance for festive sales as opposed to targeting men, who may have pre-decided needs for their shopping.

Festive season sales present an ideal time to capture the attention of both ‘brand switchers’ and ‘brand loyalists.’ With the plethora of choices consumers have today and coupled with their excitement for the festive season sales, marketers can feed on their enthusiasm by offering ‘brand switchers’ deals where they see the most value for money. To retain ’brand loyalists,’ marketers can look beyond last-mile marketing and instead, drive brand fundamentals by staying top-of-mind throughout the consumer’s digital journey.

Tejinder Gill, General Manager, The Trade Desk, India, said, “An increasing number of brands are becoming more judicious about their marketing spends. As such, marketers are going beyond search and social media and leveraging omnichannel strategies on the open internet to reach their target audience. The Festive Season Pulse 2021 affirms that the open internet is a powerful bridge to reach new customers and the upcoming festive season is an opportune time for marketers to capture consumer curiosity and test the efficacy of the open internet.”

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