7UP releases new TVC in ‘Think Fresh’ series

7up think fresh

Featuring its mascot, Fido Dido, the 7UP TVC takes a humorous route to encourage people to solve their day-to-day problems through creative ideas, as part of the ‘Think Fresh’ series.

7UP is back with its latest campaign from the ‘Think Fresh’ series to find witty solutions to address curveballs through a fun attitude. The quirky film features the much-loved, curly-haired 7UP mascot Fido Dido who addresses everyday googlies in a playful and ice-cool manner.

The 7UP creative campaign opens with an old lady who is trying to cross the road, sees cars stopping over the zebra crossing and blocking her path. With the cars overstepping their mark, and the old lady in a dilemma, Fido Dido and his friends jump into action. In a ‘Think Fresh’ move, Fido is seen taking a swift sip of 7UP and coming up with a fresh idea where he climbs on the bonnet of the cars to cross the road by walking across on top of the cars, and makes car drivers realize their folly. The film ends with the old lady happily pulling Fido Dido’s cheek and appreciating his quick solution.

Speaking about the new campaign, Naseeb Puri, Senior Marketing Director, Flavors, PepsiCo India, said, “Our message through this fun campaign is that no matter what curveball comes your way in life, ‘Think Fresh’ and effortlessly find solutions. This film reflects the power of fresh thinking to solve some irksome issues that everyday life throws at a societal level, and that fall short of reasonable, systemic solutions. The intent is to encourage the youth to think out of the box to emerge on the top of tricky situations with wit, quirk, and a cool mind courtesy the clearest drink out there. We believe 7UP’s ‘Think Fresh’ philosophy comes out in a tongue-in-cheek way in the campaign and believe that it will resonate strongly with our consumers.”

The 7UP campaign will be amplified across TV, digital, outdoor, and social media with a 360-degree campaign. It is available in single and multi-serve packs across traditional and modern retail outlets
as well as on select e-commerce platforms.



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