Beardo Ropes in Vicky Kaushal as Ambassador for Fragrances

Beardo Vicky Kaushal

Celebrating OG masculinity in all its glory, Beardo announced Vicky Kaushal as the ambassador paving the way for the perfect partnership for fans to look forward to

Leading men’s grooming brand Beardo today announced the signing on the charismatic Vicky Kaushal as ambassador for their range of fragrances. Celebrating OG masculinity in all its glory, Beardo believes it is possible to own one’s raw & rugged masculine charm with utmost sophistication – a fact Vicky Kaushal proves flawlessly, by just being- Him. Vick-Kat’s spontaneous fun banter on Hrithik’s bearded look, paved way for the perfect partnership, giving Beardo and Vicky’s fans a lot to look forward to.

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Talking about the partnership Vicky Kaushal said, “BEARDO’s latest campaign feels personally curated for me. The concept of groomed yet rugged is something I relate to. I believe that a man’s choice of fragrances is an extension of his signature style. I like mine classy yet undeniably masculine, a combination that Beardo’s range of fragrances does very well. Truly excited to share what we’ve been working on together.”

Adding to the above, Sujot Malhotra, CEO at Beardo said Beardo believes in celebrating every facet of masculinity that goes towards making men the best version of themselves. One of the many ways we partner them in this journey is helping them look and smell immaculately irresistible. Given his sophisticated ruggedness and the values that the brand stands for with #HairyMasculinity, we believe Vicky is a perfect fit to inspire men on our behalf to be Raw, Real & Unfiltered – basically the best version of themselves.



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