Cannes Lion #GrandPrix2018: All you need to know about Libresse’s Blood Normal


Libresse’s Blood Normal, which won the ‘Glass Lion for Change Grand Prix’, last year, took the online world by storm with its’ powerful and bold content on menstruation, putting a spotlight on the real blood, across the globe.

Creative Idea

The idea behind the campaign was that Periods are considered to be shameful and women often have to hide it to avoid embarrassment. This campaign aims to showcase ‘Periods’, the way it is, in its’ natural red color, as opposed to the popular blue liquid depicted in most ads. The campaign is a vignette of brave content starting with a young woman and her boyfriend having sex during her Periods; it goes on to encapsulate painful cramps, sneaking pads in bags, and the general hush hush around menstruation. The campaign challenges a rule by Assorted TV Broadcast Authorities Worldwide, 2017 stating ‘The sight of period blood is unacceptable’.

The brand campaign included an integrated marketing mix of elements like “period underwear” created by French lingerie company Dessu, a short film competition, a pad-shaped float and even a stand-up comedy performed by a talented 12-year-old, Saffron Herndon.


Directed by Daniel Wolfe, the brand’s research mentioned that 9 of 10 women still hide Periods in the fear of the taboo surrounding the topic. The bold content acquired appreciation globally and got the brand lauded with ‘Cannes Glass Lion For Change’ Award in the Grand Prix 2018.

Cannes Jury president Madonna Badger, founder and CCO of Badger & Winters noted “masterfully art directed and a very well thought-out, multilayered campaign that sheds light into the dark corners of periods. The [period] blood was just one piece of it. There are so many different pieces of it that are so beautiful—it’s a fully-realized campaign—and that’s why it deserved the Grand Prix.”

It was also reported that Libresse’s CMO shared that she thought she might lose her job over the campaign but did it anyway.


Needless to say, the campaign received some flak from nameless and faceless troll for their bold approach, the industry and global audience, however, was all praises. The case study suggests that the campaign garnered 4.2 billion impressions with 72% positive response and over 4.5 million PR impressions.



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