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Dharmendra Chahar- Automated Email Marketing

Dharmendra Chahar, Owner of Crazy India Tour, delves into the benefits of automated email marketing and how it can be utilized to gain maximum results in business.

In this era of digital marketing, email marketing seems to be one of the most effective channels for marketing your business. Through email marketing, you can promote your brand and increase your sales and connect with your customers. With great ease and wide range of possibilities in formatting emails compared to social media posts, email marketing also provides various reports and analysis for using click-through rates, open rates, and conversions.

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Today, most of the leading and successful companies in the world have started using automated email marketing. Automated email marketing allows the user to send emails automatically as a response to the online actions of your subscribers. It not just saves your time and money but also assists in increasing your business sales by sending timely, personalized that fit the users’ needs precisely and make them open and click the emails more often. Most of the emails sent through automated email marketing are transactional.

How can automated email marketing be used to increase your sales?

  • Sending triggered emails based on events and actions of internet users
  • Providing an ‘opt-in’ feature so that email marketing can be done by consent.
  • Notifying customers about the latest products, offers, and discounts in your company
  • Flow/trigger-based email marketing automation for eCommerce stores can keep working automatically for your online store 24*7. This type of email is configured based on specific customer activity on your website or interaction with any previous campaign and is much more personalized. Read a comprehensive guide on email marketing automation for e-commerce

Benefits of automated email marketing:

  • Increased revenue

Being one of the highest performing marketing channels for return on investment (ROI), email marketing helps promote your services and increases the revenue of your company by building personalized relationships with past, present and future customers. With better customer experience and expanded the customer base, the revenue of your company is assured of breaking records and anticipated trends.

  • Decreased staffed costs

Automated email marketing reduces the job carried out by 50 or more members of the sales and marketing team and helps you save the overhead costs. With the help of lead nurturing and other marketing campaigns, automated email marketing can send thousands of triggered emails at once without the help of an employee.

  • Enhanced accountability

Through automated email marketing, the company can identify the bottlenecks and can identify the areas of weakness, making the concerned department accountable and helping them perform better.

  • Refined marketing process

With the help of a clear and transparent marketing process based on the visualization of your customer journey, you can refine your marketing process with the help of automated email marketing software. With suitable and specific marketing processes, you can target and nurture your leads.

  • Increased creativity

Instead of draining the energy and wasting the creativity of your employees by asking them to send repetitive manual mails with fixed rules and formats, you can make use of their creativity on better tasks and leave the task of sending emails to the automated email marketing software.

  • Targeted marketing

One of the main benefits of automated email marketing is the ability to target customers personally through online or offline channels from across different locations in the world. The emails are hyper-relevant to customer preferences and help target the needs of the customer through targeted content. The more relevant a product or service is to a customer, the more are the chances that the customer will open the mail and buy the product or service.

  • Time-saver

You can save a huge deal of time by enabling employees to focus on better tasks at hand and leave the role of marketing to the automated email marketing software which schedules the content to be delivered to the customer at a particular time.

  • Effective reporting

By integrating with your company’s CR system, the automated email marketing software analyses and reports that indicate areas which you need to drive your focus by telling you which campaigns worked and to which group of customers it worked out. The in-depth reports precisely point out the marketing flaws and areas of weaknesses.

  • Round the clock service

You can send thousands of transactional emails and triggered emails to thousands of customers 24*7, and the best part is you don’t need to send each and every mail manually. Thanks to the automated email marketing software which simplifies the job, you no longer need to worry about the customer service as the software expands the availability and accessibility of your company without you needing to be present physically.

  • Finding new leads and nurturing the existing

It is difficult to nurture leads as your customer base expands, especially if you are a small business or a startup. Automated email marketing helps you to streamline and automate your efforts of marketing through a strategic lead scoring system that ensures that each lead gets the best relevant messages at the right time.

  • Increased brand awareness

Through repeated emails updating the newest features and products to the customers constantly, you can increase your brand awareness with better open and conversion rates. Customers tend to develop better trust with companies that keep sending email newsletters and messages promptly and consistently.

  • Personalized mails

Personalization is a key component in enhancing click-through rates and open rates in emails. Customers tend to go through and subscribe to emails that are personal and relatable. By referring to the name of the customer in the mail and providing the customer with a range of options based on his needs, there is a greater probability of customers recognizing your product and buying it.

  • Reduced manual errors

When you type thousands of emails manually, there is a greater chance of creating errors in the mail. This can be avoided with the help of automated email marketing software which employs fixed content and format.

  • Effective reminders

You can send reminders to customers through mail to help them keep track of their business appointments and payment deadlines with your company.

  • Promoting events

You can promote the events at your company by sending email to your customer base and creating awareness to a large population about the happenings in the event with automated marketing software.

This article is authored by Dharmendra Chahar, Owner of Crazy India Tour.




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